Brian Severson Farms

2017-2018 WINTER CSA (sampler)

(please email at with any questions)

This year's CSA is a sampler box,  with everything shipped at one time in one box.

There are 3 different options listed below.  It includes the listed products, recipes, flyers, etc.

Cost is $30 (plus shipping)

A shipping charge will be added depending on which state it ships to.  Use this link ( to figure charge for a 20 lb. box.  (Added automatically at checkout.///  Example.  Illinois address = $13.50)

It can be picked up at the Green City (Lincoln Park, Chicago) winter market with NO shipping charge.  Please email us ( for this option.






Sample Box 1  


Grainola (granola mix to make yourself)  1 lb.
Pastry Flour, Sifted                                2.5 lbs.
Bread Flour,  Whole HRS Wheat           2.5 lbs.
Bread Flour,  Sifted                                2.5 lbs.
SRW Wheat Berries                               1.5 lbs.
Blue Cornmeal                                        1 lb.
Yellow Grits                                           1 lb.
Buckwheat Flour                                    1 lb.
Popcorn kernels                                     1.5 lbs.
Rolled Oats                                            1 lbs




Sample Box 2



Buckwheat Flour                                   1 lb.
Soba Bucwheat Flour                            1 lb.
Oat Flour                                              1 lb.
Popcorn Flour                                       1 lb.
Hulless Oats                                          1.5 lbs.
Red Grits                                              1 lb.
White Cornmeal                                    1 lb.
Yellow Cornmeal                                  1 lb.
Popcorn                                               1.5 lbs.
Coarse Oatmeal                                    1 lb.




Sample Box 3



All Purpose Flour                                   2.5 lbs.
Pastry Flour,  Whole Wheat                    2.5 lbs.
Bread Flour (HRS wheat), sifted             2.5 lbs.
Buckwheat Flour                                    1 lb.
Oat Flour                                               1 lb.
SRW Wheat Berries                              1.5 lbs.
Red Cornmeal                                       1 lb.
White Grits                                            1 lb.
Popcorn                                                1.5 lbs.
Fine Oatmeal                                         1 lb.